About Ankawa Flight

Ankawa Flight Company was founded in 1/11/2009 and it was approved by Ministry of Commerce in Kurdistan region.
The company ensures a high level of customer service by a specialized team who has experience in the field of travel and tourism for many years.

Our company provides tourism services for all institutions, corporations and special services for businessmen. And it is considered one of the most trusted and recognizable companies in the travel and tourism sector in Iraq due to its ability to provide solutions and outstanding service.

Our services are the most prominent in :
- Hotels all around the world
- Ticketing on all international companies
- Visa issuance
- Insurance against the risks of travel that is supported by all European embassies
- Tours
- Cruises
- Organizing Conferences

Ankawa Flight offers sincerity and integrity of the best services to its valued customers. Therefore, we are working continuously to meet such challenges and integrate into the new world of travel and implement the highest standards of professionalism through our partnership with one of the largest travel groups in the world and by adopting the latest sophisticated technology that would enhance our work.